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The Tyler Niner Company

Tyler shares his Futuristic outlook on the world with the desire to create a better generation of humankind. We are a parent company with a management firm at the head of the line to helping other businesses to prepare their industry for success and highly evolved developments. Tyler envisions a new world where there is peace between nations and unity between one people. All things considered, we need smart cities with technology that is eco friendly for the health and safety of all. This means new findings in arts & sciences that will bring the worlds governments and religions together. Thus, God’s Kingdom can dwell on earth.



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The project for the making of humanity into an advanced civilization.

About Me

Tyler Romero Niner

Tyler was born January 9th, 1996 in Arizona, USA. Raised by his Mother and step-Father, Krysta & Corey. Tyler went to school in Arizona and played baseball while studying Hermetics. He is a facilitator now for individuals and companies all around the world. If you would like to work with him, contact us for more details. Starting at $300/hr


Tyler believes the world can be saved with spirituality. More specifically his philosophy deals with the art of mental transmutation, proven to alter any impure substance into its true purity.


The Tyler Niner Company is taking responsibility in charity work to contribute to the non-profit organizations that are out there with the same mission.